Thursday, 16 July 2015

Ready to get shredded!!

I've been a little quiet on blogger. My excuses are moving to Newcastle and having a baby. With buying a house thrown into the mix!! 

I'm starting to get back into an exercise and healthy eating pattern. Since my last lifestyle post, there's has been an improvement on tech to help with keeping fit. For Christmas I got a Fit Bit 

I'm also relying on my Weight Watchers app to log my food. The app is also connected to my WW app and let's me know how may activity points I have earned using my FitBit. Now I have no excuse!! 

Being back at work has also helped by keeping me away from temptation and being on my feet all day. 

I'm going to try the 30day shread by Jillian Michaels. I know I won't get to exercise everyday, so I'm aiming for every other day. Making it the 60 day version. I'm not after a quick result, so doing it slower will hopefully still get the same results. It will be a major improvement on eating cake and walking everywhere with the buggy to keep fit. 

Seeing as you've read my post. Here is my Mr Pops, 1 in 3 weeks. 

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